Learning through human connections

photo-1457530378978-8bac673b8062Social learning is more than just a buzzword. Increasingly it informs how organizations create a space for their talent to share knowledge, spread good ideas, and realize their full potential. Think about how great teams germinate, nurture, and harvest great ideas. Where does the sunlight come from to help grow these ideas, and bring us from seed to harvest? Chances are, it’s in social connection.

Siena’s own Gayle Farrell has been building such connection for many years. As a community engagement specialist, Gayle has a nuanced perspective on ways that leaders can use social learning not just to achieve the aims of their teams, but to assist team members in their own professional development. She’s passionate about the synergy that social learning creates in a team – and delighted to be an upcoming guest on From Our Vantage Point, a podcast devoted to providing expert perspectives on how to tackle common topics and concerns of not-for-profit governance and management.

Check out the podcast on October 18, 2016 when Gayle and host Maria Turnbull will be exploring the topic “Learning through human connections: the human advantage over Google.” They’ll discuss the three components of social learning, how it differs from classroom-based learning, and why it’s more impactful. Tune into the podcast and find out how leaders can bring a more intentional focus to the social learning that happens constantly in our daily work.

We all need some sunshine in October, don’t we? Hope you can join us!