Organizational Assessment and Design

We help you design the processes and workforce structure you need to achieve your goals.

organizational designWork places can be messy environments. People come to the work force from different places with different expectations and experiences. In order to be successful, organizations need this diverse work force to effectively achieve collective goals. This isn’t always easy.

We help you clarify the tasks that need to be done, the skills and experience required to carry them out, and the organizational structure that needs to be in place so that people are sitting in the right seats.


We do benchmarking to identify program strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges. Our organizational assessments identify opportunities to improve performance. We help your organization understand how to capture the knowledge generated by your work force, build on it and develop a process for sharing.

We also help you manage change. Most of our work involves supporting organizational leaders and staff through change. Sometimes change comes in the form of additions or amendments to existing programs and initiatives, or the introduction of new ones. Sometimes it comes from the creation of new organizations, which involves the transfer of employees from one organization to another or the merger of employee groups. Change can be challenging but our process, which is rooted in effective communications and meaningful employee engagement, can make it easier for your workforce to adjust and integrate the change.