• Leadership

    Gayle Farrell

    Gayle, a community engagement and investment specialist, is the President of Siena Consulting. She brings to her clients expertise in multi-stakeholder facilitation, strategic and operational planning, cross-sectoral partnership development and relationship management. With experience in the social profit, public and private sectors, Gayle uses Siena Consulting’s mission-based model to create plans and programs that invest in community-focused priorities. She is highly regarded for her ability to bring divergent groups together to build consensus on sensitive issues and to work collaboratively. more...

  • Bohdan Zajcew

    Bohdan, Managing Partner with Siena Consulting,  is a highly skilled facilitator, communicator, project manager and strategic planner with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. His expertise is concentrated in the areas of communications, strategic management, social policy development and research, public education, and community and partnership development. Bohdan is proficient in all facets of strategic planning, environmental scanning, needs analysis, asset mapping, capacity building and leveraging resources. He has a B.A. in political science from University of Manitoba, an M.A. in Communications from Simon Fraser University and a Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  • Associates

    Anna Travers

    Anna TraversBased in Toronto, Anna has over 30 years’ experience as a senior manager in the community health and social service sector. Anna has provided strategic leadership and vision to a number of innovative and successful clinical and community programs, including the Sherbourne Health Centre and Central Toronto CHC. In her CHC leadership roles, she has spearheaded equity-seeking projects, including developing client engagement tools and processes. Anna has a deep understanding of the importance and the complexities of client engagement in the CHC context and is current on best practices in the sector. In addition to her CHC work, Anna is also a writer, health researcher and trainer.

  • Anthony Fast

    Anthony brings over 20 years of experience in analysis and solutions design to the projects he is involved in. Having worked extensively within the not-for-profit and education sectors, he has developed a keen ability to synthesize competing needs, communicate and negotiate with stakeholders, and create consensus around common goals. A life-long learner, he is currently leveraging his most recent studies in technology to foster efficiency and collaboration within organizations. more...

  • Brian Evoy

    Brian brings a unique perspective to health and social system transformation generated from over twenty years of front line and senior management experience.  His approach combines community development and consensus-based collaborative decision-making principles.  Brian supports organizations through difficult situations, designs and facilitates large-scale events, leads stakeholder consultation processes and helps cross-sectoral partnerships thrive.  He holds two Social Work degrees and a Ph.D. in population health and applied ethics.

  • Christina Newberry

    Christina has 15 years of experience as a professional writer and editor, focusing on business, academic, and lifestyle materials ranging from highly technical conference proceedings to motorcycle magazines. Frequently found with her nose in a style guide, Christina is a devotee of the Oxford comma but understands not everyone feels the same.

    With a Bachelor’s degree in English and Anthropology from the University of Victoria and a Journalism Certificate from Langara College, Christina brings keen curiosity and a deep respect for the power of storytelling to her work with Siena.
  • Christopher Pollon

    Christopher is a veteran freelance journalist with 10 years experience researching and writing stories about the environment.Not only is Christopher an expert researcher with a passion for crafting compelling narratives, he understands sustainability and can clearly articulate what it means on the written page. When he’s not writing newspaper or magazine stories, Christopher works with social profit and business clients as an editorial consultant, providing writing, editing and research services.

  • Deborah Leach

    Deborah LeachBased in Ottawa, Deborah is a highly skilled team leader with more than 25 years experience managing complex projects for government and not-for-profit organizations in the health and social services.  Deborah offers extensive experience and expertise in policy, program and strategic planning; facilitation and consultation; and, program evaluation and organizational review. She has experience with a range of service sectors including child welfare, community mental health, violence against women, supportive housing and HIV/AIDS.

  • Dianne Warnick

    Dianne is a senior communications professional with a wide range of experience for corporate, government, non-profit and health care clients.

    Dianne focuses on strategic communications planning, stakeholder relations and corporate awareness/identity campaigns for a variety of private, public and not-for-profit organizations.  She also provides cost-efficient and effective counsel on relationship building and reputation management as well as research and analysis-based communications audits. She offers tactical skills such as writing, copy and structural editing, and training and communications workshops. more...

  • Erik Hanson

    ErikErik is a skilled researcher, writer, and editor with a background in publishing and communications. He specializes in collecting, compiling, and interpreting primary research and conducting thorough secondary research. Throughout the entire research and writing process, he emphasizes readability and conveying information in a clear and concise manner while always keeping the reader in mind. He is particularly skilled at report writing and has a wealth of experience in diverse fields such as content writing and journalism. more...

  • Heather Osborne

    HeatherHeather has over 20 years experience as a performance consultant, trainer, curriculum and instructional designer, facilitator and manager. Her current focus is on providing instructional design, facilitation skills training and facilitator coaching. Heather has designed and developed a wide variety of training courses and materials relevant to suit the needs of several clients in the private sector. Her strengths include her interpersonal skills and her ability to communicate effectively across all levels in an organization which she demonstrates with skilled leadership in all projects she undertakes. more...

  • Jasmine Chipman Koty

    Jasmine is a skilled researcher, writer, project coordinator and communications specialist with work experience in public and not-for-profit organizations. She specializes in collecting, analyzing and synthesizing data, drawing conclusions, and presenting complex concepts in a clear and concise way. Jasmine holds a B.A. Honours in Anthropology from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and a M.Sc. in Human Ecology from Lund University in Sweden.

  • Joan Hill

    joan-hill_v2Joan is a CPA, CA who for the past 14 years worked in the not-for-profit sector.  She was most recently the Director of Finance, Facilities and IT for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice where she was responsible for strategic financial issues, construction and development of a second hospice and all matters related to IT.  While there she won the 2015 BC CFO Award in the not-for-profit category.  She also has experience in quality improvement initiatives.  She is currently on the board of the Canadian Mental Health Association – BC Division, and The Centre for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation.

  • Joanne Munroe

    Joanne brings over 20 years of corporate experience as a Learning Consultant focused on leadership and career development; human resource training strategies, eLearning and webinar course design; with a speciality in portal development (wiki sites).  Skills include analysis, design, development, technical writing and coaching.

  • Kate Spezowka

    Kate is a skilled researcher and writer. For the past decade she has provided research, copywriting, editing, and proofing services to a diverse client base, including high-tech, health, automotive, and educational organizations. An avid researcher, Kate brings critical thinking, patience, and rigour to the drill-down process, distilling meaningful insights in a digestible way for successful deployment in the marketplace. With expertise in technical writing and publishing, Kate delivers polished documents designed for optimal readability and focus, helping organizations stay effective and on message.

  • Kerry Elfstrom

    Kerry is a strategic analyst, organizational designer, trainer and facilitator who has worked with a wide variety of organizations and individuals in all sectors.With a background in learning and performance improvement he is Siena’s lead on organizational development.Kerry has a B.Ed. and M.A. in Educational Media, Communications and Technology from University of British Columbia as well as a Master Trainer Certificate (Specialist Level, TELUS Communications). He is a senior performance technologist, training consultant and instructional technologist with over 40 years experience. more...

  • Lisa Arora

    LisaAuroraLisa is a natural leader and conversationalist who has graphically recorded speakers from the Whitehouse, top government officials, and Fortune 500 executives, to name just a few. Her visual meeting strategies have helped organizations in North America, Europe and Australia, tackling a wide range of deep-rooted and cutting-edge issues. She has also graphically facilitated/recorded strategic visioning retreats for college faculties, independent officers of the Legislature, public and licensing offices, accounting associations, legal firms and educational technology corporations. more...

  • Majid Khoury

    Majid has been working in research for almost three decades. Majid moved to Vancouver in 1992 as Vice President for a local market research firm. In 1996, Majid started his own advertising research boutique, marketexplorers. The company was a success in the local market and was sold to Ipsos ASI nine years later. At Ipsos, Majid was Senior Vice President, responsible for Ipsos advertising and brand research across Western North America, working with major local and global brands. more...

  • Margery Leach

    Marge LeachBased in Ottawa, Margery is a strategy, communications and research expert. She assists public, private and not-for-profit sector organizations to define, communicate, achieve and measure their strategic, transformational and tactical goals while building their capacity to manage and sustain positive change.  She has expertise in assessing needs; collaborative vision and strategy development; business planning; research and analysis; performance management / measurement; organizational review and transformation; program review and evaluation; marketing; and program and project leadership. She is also a creative communications professional with specializing in professional writing, editing and document design; as well as presentation, facilitation, consultation and liaison. A cornerstone of her career has been the successful planning, leadership and implementation of international development and cooperation projects.  She brings to bear in all of her work this experience.

  • Sue Comeau

    SueComeauSue is a highly passionate collaborator with extensive experience in change management, employee engagement, and communication. With over 20 years of experience leading human capital program development and facilitating change, Sue is uniquely skilled in bringing diverse teams together and identifying, creating and delivering innovative and practical solutions in support of an organization’s strategic people and business plans.  more...

  • Susan Lee

    Susan LeeBased in Ottawa, with over 25 years experience in the education and social service sector, Susan is an international education consultant, student support specialist, researcher/writer, and trainer. Susan specializes in assessing needs in education and social service settings, and in designing creative client-centred programs that embed processes for continuous improvement.

  • Tamara Leigh

    Tamara is an accomplished communicator, writer, and facilitator.A strategist, journalist, organizer, and enabler, Tamara has worked with government, business, social-profits, and media. She brings both broad organizational and deeply personal perspectives to the craft of storytelling. Tamara works collaboratively with our clients to make sense of the context and relationships they are working in, and distill effective strategies and messages to move the conversation forward.

  • Tamisha Parris

    Tamisha is a solutions-oriented Project Manager who creates an environment that optimizes results from project-based work. Tamisha specializes in building and spearheading top-performing teams and providing the guidance and support needed to ensure on-time and within-budget delivery of high-quality services. Collaborating with clients and Siena team members, she strives to build continuous alignment of project scope with an organization’s strategic objectives ensuring client requirements, expectations and quality standards are maintained and met successfully.

  • Wayne Pomario

    WaynePomarioWayne brings over 12 years’ of successfully managing projects of various size from initiation through to closure, working in all project management knowledge areas, with both remote and local cross-functional teams, at independent contributor and leadership levels. His work has also included participating in and facilitating strategic planning sessions leading to the development of processes and policies to ensure business continuity, and ongoing quality improvement within organizations. In addition, he has over 20 years’ experience working in a global environment in the design and development of resource and training materials. These have been targeted to schools, colleges, adult education centers, staff development centers, and not-for-profits, public and private corporations. more...

  • Zak Zajcew

    Zak brings enthusiasm and a natural technological ability to the Siena team. He’s interested in exploring how the component parts of organizations come together and work. He also tracks the ever-changing trends in business, aiming to stay one step ahead as time progresses. Building on the constant connectivity of his generation, Zak is passionate about the use of technology in business to business communication.  He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of the Fraser Valley.