Gayle Farrell

Gayle, a community engagement and investment specialist, is the President of Siena Consulting. She brings to her clients expertise in multi-stakeholder facilitation, strategic and operational planning, cross-sectoral partnership development and relationship management. With experience in the social profit, public and private sectors, Gayle uses Siena Consulting’s mission-based model to create plans and programs that invest in community-focused priorities. She is highly regarded for her ability to bring divergent groups together to build consensus on sensitive issues and to work collaboratively.

Gayle has worked with national organizations to structure and lead Canada-wide consultations to support the development of strategies, plans and campaigns that were successful nationally, provincially and locally. She has also facilitated consultations involving public, private and social profit sector representatives supporting the re-imagination of primary health care in BC and of social programs nationally. Gayle has a B.A. and M.A. in the social sciences from McGill University as well as a Graduate Certificate in Managerial Leadership from City University (WA).