Kerry Elfstrom

Kerry is a strategic analyst, organizational designer, trainer and facilitator who has worked with a wide variety of organizations and individuals in all sectors.With a background in learning and performance improvement he is Siena’s lead on organizational development.Kerry has a B.Ed. and M.A. in Educational Media, Communications and Technology from University of British Columbia as well as a Master Trainer Certificate (Specialist Level, TELUS Communications). He is a senior performance technologist, training consultant and instructional technologist with over 40 years experience. He has helped organizations in education, business and industry in both the private and social profit sectors of B.C., Alberta and the USA build curricula and train instructors and developers in the principles of the design and management of competency based education programs. Kerry has developed expertise in instructor training which integrates principles of holistic, accelerated, whole brain and multi-sensory learning which he includes in any curricula he builds for customers. He also has extensive experience designing and developing competency based, modular, workplace learning interventions for face-to-face, eLearning and blended delivery. He built, obtained university accreditation and delivers The Master Training Program©, a multi-level professional training program that assists vocational & technical and subject matter experts obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to design competency based training programs and deliver them to adult learners in the workplace.

Kerry also has expertise in governance and organizational restructuring which he uses to help leaders understand the pivotal role they play in framing an organization around its core business, aligning programs, products and services with its mission and core values and clarifying strategic and competitive uniqueness. He helps organizations’ leadership teams and boards operate in a governance role with a clear sense of direction, well-articulated governance, administrative and program policies thereby releasing senior executives to implement programs with clear expectations and appropriate accountability measures. Kerry also helps restructure organizations for efficient operation.