Lisa Arora

LisaAuroraLisa is a natural leader and conversationalist who has graphically recorded speakers from the Whitehouse, top government officials, and Fortune 500 executives, to name just a few. Her visual meeting strategies have helped organizations in North America, Europe and Australia, tackling a wide range of deep-rooted and cutting-edge issues. She has also graphically facilitated/recorded strategic visioning retreats for college faculties, independent officers of the Legislature, public and licensing offices, accounting associations, legal firms and educational technology corporations. Lisa brings a wealth of industry experience to every project she works on, and prides herself on being supremely adaptable to our clients’ specific communication needs. Lisa enjoys working with fast-growing, game-changing corporations, as well as organizations and industries facing complex communication challenges – such as in large forums and conference-type settings. Lisa’s experience is not limited to these types of projects. She’s worked with a wide variety of companies ranging in needs from simple to highly advanced. This broad and rich experience has given her the ability to step into any situation and perform her work with maximum impact.