Workshops & Courses

We offer a variety of training opportunities aimed at strengthening organizations.




Eight Steps to Organizational Sustainability

Most organizations are caught up in the day-to-day business of delivering products and services to the clients and communities they serve. The world around us is in constant flux and there are challenges trying to maintain services and effectively plan for the future when there is so much uncertainty. Siena’s Sustainability Planning Workshop provides you with a framework as well as tools and techniques to make your organization resilient. This workshop will help you to assess your current capacity, identify and connect to opportunities and mitigate risks. Join us to find out about the eight steps to building organizational sustainability.

Community Investment

Many organizations are excellent at securing one-off donations, very good at obtaining sponsors for targeted activities and a few are also able to create strong partnerships to sustain initiatives over multiple years. But how many have been able to effectively engage community investors? These are long-term relationships between organizations in the not for profit, public and private sectors to address issues of common concern. Investors contribute money, time and other resources because they believe in the work that their partner organizations do. Join our Community Investment workshop to find out how you can move your contributors from being donors to becoming investors in the work of your organization.

Change Management

Every organization, every individual is faced with change on a daily basis – new work practices, new initiatives, mergers between organizations resulting in completely new systems and processes. The difference between the organizations that succeed and those who fail comes down to effective communication and meaningful employee engagement. Find out how you can create an Evergreen Change Management Process; a process that recognizes change as a constant and creates flexibility in your employees to continuously adapt. Your employees will be involved in the Process every step of the way so that change is not something that is done to them, it is something they are part of.




Facilitation Made Easy

Siena’s introductory course on group facilitation offers a range of practical methods and tools to help you effectively design, plan and deliver sessions for small to large groups. With an emphasis on adult learning, you will learn processes and techniques to engage participants, manage group interactions, help them reach decisions by consensus, and guide them toward achieving your session’s desired outcome. The course is offered partly online through self-managed study units, and partly face-to-face. It also includes a practicum component in which course participants perform a simulated group facilitation exercise.