How we work

Our work is grounded in collaboration. We help your team work together effectively within your organization as well as with external partners.

Internally, we help you make strategic links to other departments, align and streamline activities and remain focused on achieving your organizational vision.

Externally, we help you work collaboratively with partners.

We fully immerse ourselves in your world.

We meet with you, your team and stakeholders from other departments. We meet with your external funders, partners, and service providers. Through a facilitated process, we involve you and your partners in scanning the political, economic and socio-technological environments to get a solid picture of your organization, to identify other partners and to build on collective strengths.

We help you connect the dots.

To solve a complex issue it’s more effective to work together than to work alone; multiple voices bring different strengths to the table. We synthesize the information we’ve collected and begin to identify links or potential links between people, activities and financial resources to form the network that will best support your goals. We create a plan to support your work.

We help you build the network.

By building the links you are now able to capitalize on each other’s strengths and bridge each other’s weaknesses that allows you to achieve your goals.