The Peace in Peril

Siena associates are always up to something, and this week is no exception. This week it’s Christopher Pollon celebrating the launch of his new book, The Peace in Peril: The Real Cost of the Site C Dam. Equal parts travel adventure, history, and journalistic exploration, it delves into the dubious trade-offs made in the Peace valley between hydro power and resources such as timber and farmland, and asks the question: “How will lives, human and otherwise, be erased or irrevocably altered when the next great flood rises up to engulf the Peace River valley?”

The Peace in Peril celebration launch takes place this Thursday, November 17 at Vancouver’s Anza Club (details below). Christopher will be joined by photographer Ben Nelms, Tyee founding editor David Beers, and journalist Ian Gill.

For Christopher Pollon this book has been a deep dive into a controversial and consequential topic with serious implications for a region that has been a prosperous home to people for eleven thousand years. We’re looking forward to congratulating him there, and we hope you can attend too!

The Peace in Peril is available from Harbour Publishing and can be found on Amazon or Chapters-Indigo.