The Siena Strategy Check-Up

The Siena Strategy Check-Up


Our organization has a strategy.

We have reviewed our strategy in the last three months.

Our strategy is clear and easy to apply in practice.

Our strategy has been translated into an action plan.

Our strategy includes an embedded vision and values that inspire commitment on the part of our staff and our clients/customers.

We understand the key forces, factors, influences and trends impacting our operating environment.

Our strategy puts us ahead of new trends in our operating environment.

We know our core value proposition - what our customers/clients expect from their interactions with us, our products and our services - and it is reflected in our strategy.

Our strategy reflects our competitive advantage and allows us to exploit it effectively.

We are confident that our business model - how we capture, create, and distribute value - works and is sustainable.

We know the central issue(s) that will make or break our organization and are taking steps to address it (them)

Our strategy embraces uncertainty and provides the balance between commitment and flexibility needed to navigate change.

Our strategy guides our management decisions and actions, especially what we say "no" to.

Members of our executive team all believe in and describe the same strategy.

Everyone in our organization knows our strategy and understands how their work supports it. Our strategy helps connect our whole organization.

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